Welcome to the Hamilton Flutes website.

I began as a full time professional flute maker in 1979, at that time being the first workshop that was devoted to the wooden simple system flute as played in Irish music, so this year I'm celebrating my 38th year as a flute maker.

By coincidence a customer recently sent me a link to what I believe was the first film taken in the workshop, in, I think, 1980.

You can have a look here

The flute I'm playing and demonstrating, was the very first flute that I ever made...

There are a few links to videos of my more recent flutes as well, which you'll find in the pages that deal with that particular sort of flute.

Last January has seen the first rise in prices since before 2008. I felt that during the recession, which we're hopefully seeing the end of now, that I simply couldn't ask for more of people's hard earned money, and I'd like to thank the hundreds of flute enthusiasts who supported us during the last eight tough years.

Costs have risen hugely in that period, particularly material costs, and that has forced us into this recent price increase. Check out the new prices here


I am constantly working on developing my design. Over the last three or four years I have made some minor changes which have big effects, and this design has now become my standard. With the flute in hand one might not notice a lot of difference. The bore is the same, but then of course that's not noticable from the outside.

Overall the flute is very slightly slimmer in profile, the finger holes smaller, and key design has also been tweaked so that the keys lie closer to the flute body, and overall are more ergonomic.

Not much of a change you might think, but I'm getting lots of positive feedback about the increased response and general "playability" of this new design.